Funeral Coffins, Urns and Caskets

Included in our Modest package is a choice of our traditional oak veneered coffin or an eco-friendly white cardboard coffin fully lined and fitted.

Alternatively we offer a comprehensive range of coffins to suit your wishes and price range. You may decide that you would like one of our alternative coffins, all of which have been hand picked by Tara to offer to you at the most reasonable price on the high street.

Our options are:

Wicker and Willow Coffin

These are hand crafted environmentally friendly coffins which have natural handles and come with a wooden engraved coffin plate. The wicker coffin comes fully lined. These wicker coffins are sourced locally and are suitable for both cremation and burials.

Cardboard Coffin

These are environmentally friendly light weight coffins made from at least 70% recycled material helping to lower our carbon emissions. The cardboard coffin comes fully lined and in a variety of finishes to suit your wishes. They are suitable for both cremation and burials.

Traditional Veneered Coffin

These are our most popular coffins. The Rookwood Oak is included in our Modest Funeral package and is the one our families often choose. These are fully lined veneered oak coffins finished to a very high standard. They are suitable for both cremation and burials.

Package Coffin Options

Here you have a choice of two coffins included in our package price. You can choose either our Traditional Veneered Oak Coffin or our White Cardboard Coffin.

Wicker Coffins and Willow Coffins

All Wicker Coffins are from £590 with the exception of the White Wicker Coffin which starts at £690.

Traditional Veneered & Solid Coffins

Our Traditional Veneered coffins start from £250

Our Traditional solid wooden coffins start from £1100

Cardboard Coffins

All Cardboard Coffins are £450 with the exception of the Cardboard White Doves Coffin which is £500.

Ashes Scatter Tubes, Scatter Boxes and Scatter Squares

Our Scatter Squares range from £7 to £25 depending on size.


Ashes Caskets & Urns

Our Ashes Caskets start from £100.

Our Urns start from £175.


Tara guided us through an incredibly emotional experience. She was respectful, compassionate, friendly, professional and nothing was too much to ask. I would highly recommend her for any funeral, knowing you and your loved one will be well taken care of. Truly a beautiful soul. Natalie Mardell.